042 - Chapter Two
Posted November 17, 2022 at 11:07 am

And we’re backkk!!!! I’m excited for this chapter! Plot/setting aside (I always love an excuse to get a little wild with setting and creature designs), as of last week, i’m getting some help on character lineart/base colors! Said helper wants to stay anonymous for IRL reasons, so I can’t say much except…ahh <3 Not only are the pages getting done faster, the quality is amazing. Maybe too amazing :) i think there will be a noticeable change in character anatomy/movement etc when I get to posting them. But it’s def for the better, so I hope it’s not too intrusive!


I’m also hoping to spice up the website tabs a lil more! TBH… I thought all this time I wasn’t able to edit pages myself, that I’d have to contact hiveworks in order to do anything to them. Suddenly due to that convenience, I'm very interested in messing around/adding things. Currently working on some maps, field pages, informative illustrations, all sorts of fun things :D so hope you'll get to see those soon, too! Another lil sneak peek:


Anyway, hope you're all staying safe and healthy. And as always, thank you for the support, past and present! <3


*Minor grammar/wording edits as of 11/22 haha - (sry I had typed this super fast, because the first two attempts I made to submit the page had errors and deleted everything I'd written ahhhh)