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About the Comic

The age of Empires and Godfire is finally over...

But now there's some fixing up to do.

   In a ruin-abound town cursed with bad luck, Kai and Kalla -- a young boy and a fledgling dragonbird spirit -- take on a quest in hopes the reward will solve all of their problems. The journey will take them much farther from home and to many more silly, bizarre, and powerful spirits than they could've imagined.

The Messenger is a fantasy-adventure story for all ages, written and drawn by Indui, and edited by Isa. A new page is uploaded here every Thursday.

As of page 052, character lineart is done by Ned!

About the Author

Indui is a shy but stubbornly determined gremlin that resides in the PNW. She likes dragons, bubble tea, and looking out at her apartment balcony for visitors (of the avian kind).

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