041 - Chapter Two
Posted September 15, 2022 at 4:24 pm
Feeling pretty proud ngl. I had about 500 reasons and opportunities to quit this comic, but it's still alive! an entire chapter is officially done and shared for all to see!!!! Thank you to anyone who has been following along, and especially those leaving comments every once and a while! It means the world to me ;;

Admittedly I wasn't able to keep up with my page buffer as well as I wanted. I think I'll be taking a 2 month break to rectify that... gah. originally, was aiming for something a lil shorter between chapters, but ... I think I want to/deserve to lengthen that a bit, due to the absolute number of life highs + life tragedies that happened JUST in the span of this chapter being posted.

So. November 17th is the goal! ... (unless something else incredible happens, which... wouldn't even surprise me, at this point. But I will let you folks know if that's the case.)