073 - Chapter Two
Posted June 22, 2023 at 4:46 pm

Oh my gosh, made it ;b; chapter two is complete!

Now the REAL adventure begins........

But until then, I'll need a little break. A lot of big, personal tragedies happened irl over the course of posting this comic, as I think several people know.

It's been very difficult. This comic deserves much better. I kind of phoned-in a lot about this chapter, and also haven't had energy to interact more with folks here, or do *anything* to express my excitement about it on social media. i want to put more love into it all the parts of this story, and have the energy to be excited about it along with people who have been showing their enthusiasm this whole time! please know I appreciate your comments so much, they've been so fun to read. Thank you.

The break won't be indefinite, if anyone is worried. I have all of chapter 3 roughly thumbed out, so imo the hardest part is done at least. I'll try to make more updates over twitter if anyone is interested, little wips as i continue to progress n such.
But for now i need a break, appreciate the time i have left with my mom, be with my fam, my wife, try to figure out how to enjoy creating again, etc

thank you for the patience and take care