061 062 - Chapter Two
Posted March 30, 2023 at 10:18 am

AYO Surprise double-page update!!! (if it's too small to read, here's the full-view)

….Because this would be a bit incomprehensible if I posted one page at a time here, I imagine >.> heh.

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of this composition…, there’s a lot that bugs me D: along with the fact my double-page spreads are too small to read on this site ;; was still a lot of fun to make as a whole though~ hope you like et too!! :D 

And have fun Kai :) I’m sure he has No Ragrats about his agreement from 3 minutes prior to this moment \o/

Btw Heads up: because this is a double page update, the next page will be posted the following week instead. AKA: Page 63 will be up April 13th 🙂

(I was wondering if I should take that week break or not, and yeah I think I’ll take the chance. Am currently working on a second lil comic right now too, for an awesome zine!!!– it’s “only” 15 pages, but still quite an extra load when you already work a regular full-time job on top of that.)