051 - Chapter Two
Posted January 19, 2023 at 11:15 am

Yes Kalla. As you say, Kalla.

Btw. Guess what!!! Starting next week, you'll be seeing the start of some collab pages!!

I got the amazing chance to have my wife, Ned, work with me on this comic. How it goes is: I make the thumbnails and sketches, then she does the lineart and base colors for the main characters, and finally I add shading/bg/misc characters and touches. Voila. It's not only a HUGE help, but the outcome makes the pages 100x better imo. She brings so much life to Kai and Kalla (and some other upcoming characters :3) because of her amazing understanding of anatomy and style. Can't wait to share them <333

Until then- hope you're all well and staying healthy! And thank you for reading~