024 - Chapter One
Posted May 20, 2022 at 12:35 am

Gah. I meant to type something here upon posting it. But it was late, and I was exhausted and knew I needed to be able to think straight to word things right.

Well, now it's the next morning and I'm able to think straight, but now it's more unlikely than ever that anyone will see this :B well, win some lose some. I'd rather it this way, I think.

So as some might know via twitter, my dad passed away last month. very suddenly. it was/still is difficult and confusing, but after this last 1 month as a break, I want to get back to creating. 

It may sound too quick, because as others might know, earlier last year i also got news that my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, which was so shocking to me that I took almost a whole year off from drawing. I would forgive myself if I wanted to drop this project. but instead, over this long span of time, I was able to find that working on this story is therapeutic.

Most of all, I guess i want to make it clear with this statement that this story means a lot to me personally, *especially* in these difficult days, so no need to worry about me "forcing myself" to keep moving forward with it. it's actually really helpful to have it here.

It's always possible such feelings can change, but for now, that's how i feel.

So, thanks for your patience meanwhile. it's a small audience here, but i've always (and especially currently) been making this story for myself, so every extra that enjoys it is an extra good feel. so thank you if you read it, and if you read this description in particular- and take care,