Posted April 30, 2024 at 1:27 pm
Hey all, been a while :"D

Finally a long overdue update. A lot has happened.... I'll try not to get too rambly.

Since I posted the last page, my mom passed away. Having lost both my parents now, things have been difficult both emotionally and ... organizationally. Lots of big things have had to be sorted out. But, while I haven't had time to do anything substantial with the story, I've still been thinking about it in that time.

And... I've settled on taking a different direction for how I tell the the remaining story of this comic. My life and mindset has changed so much since I first started this project. Including my mindset on how/why I create art. It's now less about going for styles/formats that are known and accepted in this storytelling landscape (here: webcomics in the rendered cell shading style and with thoughtfully structured paneling that show every action/word etc), and more about exploring: messing around with ways I can express my interest in what I see when I wander somewhere. After a long time mulling over things, I think I'd prefer to tell the rest of the story in this kinda way. If you follow me on twitter/tumblr, this is the art style I've been working in the most lately. Something like "sketchbook journal pages." Not only is it more enjoyable to me, I feel my art style just works a lot better aesthetically in those.
The picture I posted above is one I've completed already. A few more examples below to give an idea of what this style is :"D

So yeah, my plan is doing that sort of thing along with general journal pages/mini doodly comic snippets, due to the above reasons, plus because of how many insane roadblocks this story has hit (making it way beyond the timeframe I wanted to finish it anyway) this more shorthand format will feel a lot better in finishing this story...

So those are my thoughts... :"D I do apologize to the people who were following this comic for the specific art style/storytelling before. I know this comic wasn't huge, but there were certainly people who continually left their support and I really appreciate it. Even though the rest of the story won't be told that way, hope there's still a solid "ending" that at least wraps things up.

As far as schedule for when I'll start posting...
I've got a 3 week trip to EU, then when I'm back home, 2 weeks left at work, then I'll be quitting. With the extra time I'll have in the coming months, I'll be hard-focusing on my art projects, this one first and foremost.
Anyway, thanks for the patience for the update/hope it isn't disappointing to hear :"D I'll be back in a few months with a good chunk of pages to share c:
Hope you're well ~